Scars are unpredictable, whether they are from accidents or through Surgery. Scars develop differently in different people and are dependent on many factors including the site of the scar, the blood supply to the area, the size and depth of the wound, the colour of your skin, the direction of the scar, how your body heals and the Surgeon’s skills.

Scar Revision Surgery is directed at improving the appearance of your scar. No scar can be removed completely, however it can be made less obvious through surgical technique or perhaps through injections, taping or combinations of these procedures.

You may be up and about quickly after your Scar Revision Surgery, but it is important that you take care of yourself and ensure that the wound heals properly. You will be required to attend our rooms on an outpatient basis for checkups. These checkups will be used to monitor your progress and for the removal of sutures.

As you heal, keep in mind that no scar can be removed completely. The degree of improvement depends on the size and direction of your scar, the nature and quality of your skin, and how well you care for the wound after the operation. If your scar looks worse at first, don’t panic. The final result may not be evident for one year or more.