Breast Implant Exchange


Breast Implant Exchange

Women have been having Breast Augmentation for many years now. Implants have gone from the original Silicone to Saline and now improved Cohesive Silicone Gel. In some instances it is medically indicated to have breast implants removed and/or replaced. In others there is no medical indication, just a personal choice regarding the type or size of the implant or a time factor in the life of the implant. Medical reasons for implant exchange include capsular contracture, implant infection, rupture of implants or implant extrusion. Due to public concern about the perceived health risks of the old silicone-gel breast implants, a number of women continue to request implant removal and exchange surgery.

Some women elect to have implants exchanged for reasons such as a change of size or type of implant. With the newer and safer cohesive silicone gel implants on the market, many women opt to change their saline implants over as the silicone implants are said to feel markedly more natural than saline. Many women with the older silicone implants request implant exchange due to rupture of these older implants or due to the pressure of the media hype in relation to health risks with the old silicone gel.

A recent study has shown that the average age for implant leakage is 10.1 years post insertion and for implant rupture 13 – 14 years. For this reason we advise implant replacement between 13 and 15 years for old style Liquid Gel implants. Cohesive Gel implants used by Queensland Plastic Surgery now have a Lifetime Warranty, and do not need to be replaced.

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