At Queensland Plastic Surgery, we place a high level of importance on aftercare for our patients. That includes making sure that they are prepared for their recovery post-surgery. Recovering from Breast Surgery and knowing what to expect and how to take care of themselves after surgery will ensure an optimum recovery.

Like any surgery, your body will need time to get back to full health. Different types of breast surgeries will have different recovery times, and every individual will recover a little differently as well. Take this information as a guide and follow the specific recommendations of your Queensland Plastic Surgery surgeon – Dr Mark Vucak, Dr Ian Tassan, Dr Malcolm Linsell or Dr Tristan de Chalain – to understand how best to approach your own recovery period.

Pain and your body

You will experience some levels of pain, discomfort and nausea as you recover – this is natural and to be expected. Your QPS surgeon will give you some medication to help treat this in the very initial stages. Any further discomfort should ease off over the following weeks with rest and care. If it is too severe however, it is very important that you seek medical help.

There will also be some bruising and swelling. Again, this is perfectly normal and will disappear with time. Additionally, you can expect to see some scarring from the incisions made as part of your surgery. While these will never fully go away, they should become minimised after several months. You can discuss strategies to reduce scarring with your surgeon, who will be able to recommend scar gels or creams.

Post-operative garments

Following your surgery, you will need to wear support bras at all times, including while you are sleeping. This will help relieve you of pain as your body supports your larger breasts. It’s also key to ensuring the best results from your breast implants long-term. Your breast implants will take time to settle into their position, so wearing your post-op garments as per your surgeon’s instructions is vital to the outcome of your surgery.

What to expect during your recovery

You should plan very little for your first couple of days after surgery! Lots of rest will be needed in this time. You are not restricted from walking, and once you have had a few days rest this can actually help speed up your recovery. After your first two weeks, you can slowly increase your level of other activity. You should still check with your Queensland Plastic Surgery team before taking on anything strenuous.  Expect to only gradually return to exercise and sport, which should be avoided for the first six weeks. After this, make sure you are wearing a supportive sports bra.

You will be able to drive once you are off your painkillers and can comfortably move your upper body. This should be after about a week. You should also be able to return to work after this time, if your job isn’t too strenuous. Don’t expect to do any heavy lifting for about six weeks.

Tips for the best recovery

There are lots of different elements that will affect the length of your recovery time. Some of these you can’t control, like your genetics and medical history. However, your lifestyle and nutrition can make a big difference as well. Your actions following your breast augmentation surgery will have an impact on how long this process will last. Because of this, it’s important to follow the advice of your Queensland Plastic Surgery team. If you’re unsure of anything, such as the requirements for your support garments, nutrition, or activities that you can and can’t do, make sure you ask us at any time!

The more rest and relaxation that you get in your first two weeks after surgery, the faster and smoother your recovery period will be. That means no lifting, exercise or any activity that will cause your breasts to bounce or move around. This could potentially dislodge your implants. Particularly avoid lifting your arms over your head for your first week. Moving your arms freely inside this restriction however, can help keep your muscles mobile.

You will also need to sleep on your back in the aftermath of your surgery. While this is generally the ideal sleep position for anyone with breast implants, it is especially crucial in the weeks after your surgery as they are settling.

Getting the right food and plenty of water will also be critical to improving your surgery recovery, as it is with any surgery. It’s important to make sure that you are eating a balanced diet to help your body heal.

Be prepared and know what to expect!

You should be prepared for a period of discomfort and recovery when having any surgery done. Breast augmentation is no different. Make sure that you talk to your Queensland Plastic Surgery surgeon and support team about any concerns or questions that you have. At Queensland Plastic Surgery, we pride ourselves on our patient aftercare, so discuss your experience with our team. Following their advice and looking after yourself in the aftermath of your surgery will help you to get the best results for your new look and for your body.