Deciding to go ahead with breast augmentation surgery is a big decision – and it’s only the first one you have to make on this journey! Finding the right implants is a very personal choice, so take advice but don’t leave it all up to your doctor! Here’s some tips to help you make one of these decisions – what size implant is right for you?

     What you need to know about implant sizes

Breast implants are measured in cubic centimetres – or “cc”. A cc is the same as a millilitre and the most common sizes range from 300cc to 400cc. While bra size is a helpful guide, your doctor will need to know more than this. As we all know, different brands of bra have slightly different sizing measurements.

     Factors to consider

The big thing to remember is that everyone is different! Firstly, consider your preference – what look are you going for? Some women want a noticeable transformation to show off, while others are looking for a subtle, natural looking change.

Next, think about your body type and shape. Larger breasts are heavier, so women with a strong build can easily accommodate these while those with a small frame may find they lead to back pain down the track. Equally, a big change may not be needed on smaller women, while standard sized implants may not make the desired impact on bigger women. Height is another consideration – on shorter women, large implants could make it appear that they have gained weight.

     Tips to help you decide

The good news is that there’s a couple of handy tricks to help you find that perfect size!

At QPS, your surgeon will show you different implants to put in your bra too see how they look and feel. You can do something similar at home with the “Rice Test”. Fill a stocking, sock or ziplock bag with rice and tuck it in your bra, adjusting it so that it cups your breasts. Each cup of rice is equivalent to around 250cc, so try different amounts and put on different clothes to find a look that you’re happy with.

Other key measurements to consider is the distance between your breasts and the base width of your breasts – your surgeon will measure this for you at your consultation.

     Some extra points to consider…

When looking at photos of celebrities, models (or people you know!) for inspiration, look for women with a similar body shape. Everyone is different, but this will get you closer to an appropriate size. Talk to your surgeon about how different sizes will affect your body over time. Depending on your frame and quantity of breast tissue, different sizes may have consequences or not produce the appearance that you want.

Equally, think about your lifestyle. Your new breasts won’t just be with you when you wear your favourite dress, they’ll be there when you’re jogging, playing sport and at yoga! And make sure you talk to your surgeon if children are in your future – chances are you will still be able to breastfeed, but it’s an important conversation to have. Lastly, while we don’t want to sway your decision, the biggest reason women undergo revision surgery is because they wish they’d chosen a bigger size, so take the time to get this decision right.

Remember, this is a personal decision – it’s about what will make you feel happy and confident in your body. Above all, at QPS our surgeons have extensive experience, so make sure you discuss these options with them – they want you to be comfortable with your choice so that you can become a happier, more confident you!